Every Night is Date Night With Wolverine!

O.K. Wolverine is probably going to kill me, or blush a lot when he reads that title. But, I can’t resist teasing him a little. Especially because he had three finals this week and hasn’t been home in the evening AT ALL this week. He’s missed out on The Kid’s “I HATE HOMEWORK” speech every night, cleaning up broken glass when the tobasco decided to fall out of the cupboard, our witnessing an arrest at the public library, eating dinner, feeding the dog, picking up after the dog, massive amounts of laundry and Glee! (it really kills me that Glee is on Fox, but whatevs!) Oh, Wolverine missed out on The Kid saying “whatevs to everything I wanted him to do too.”  Me: “Kid, time for bed.” Kid: “Whatevs.” Me: “Kid, time to eat.” Kid: “whatevs.” Me: “Time to give all your toys away to that orphanage in Rwanda” Him: “Huh?” Me: “Whatevs.”

Historically, Friday nights are date nights, yes? Take today!It’s Friday. It’s Spring, it’s (FINALLY) sunny. It’s the kind of Friday that inspires dates, frolicking, shenanigans, and hanky panky! But, we are staying home with The Kid, maybe playing with the dog, and eating dinner. Because we all have a date with the T.V. The Kid watches Star Wars The Clone Wars every Friday night, which he takes very seriously, and doesn’t want us to schedule any activities during “his show.” Yes, I am aware he sounds like a 60 year old soap opera addict. And Wolverine and I have been taking advantage of our two-T.V. household and watching a movie, or our new addiction: True Blood while he saves the galaxy from imminent destruction.


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