Me, and the sweetest puppy, and some cleavage!

Happy Boobquake Day! I thought I would give you something to think about today beyond The Kid, Wolverine and myself! I know, boo, right? I mean that’s why you’re here, I know. Unless, of course, it involves, let’s say, babies, or for today’s topics, boobs and brains and science.  For those of you who don’t know what Boobquake is, click on the link. An Iranian Cleric, or to keep things simple: another religious dude (WHY is it always the religious dudes?) declared that immodestly dressed women are responsible for all kinds of the world’s problems, including earthquakes. Ha! (Remember when Jerry Falwell said 911 was caused by feminists and teh gays? That was a brilliant conclusion if I ever heard one). So, the genius that is Blag Hag created Boobquake, started a facebook page, invited all her friends, and a revolution was formed. It’s that simple! April 26, show some cleav, start a quake.

I would also take this opportunity to remind you to  support the boobies whenever you can by A) remembering to do your self exam, B) supporting your friends who are breastfeeding, and C) loving the boobies and the peeps who come with them. If someone wants to show some cleav, that is their business. And, that cleavage will most definitely not cause the destruction of the world. In fact, some would argue, cleavage can only make things better.


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