Hey Baby, Baby!

Really, Really Cute Baby That Isn't Mine

So, this baby, and not my scintillating writing about me, Wolverine and The Kid™,  or our personal family photos, are driving up the hits on Super Mon and Wolverine. I apparently picked the right random baby when I posted my dilemma about baby versus puppy. Just a follow up on that: still no baby and no puppy either. However, since I am greedy and I like hits to our blog, I think I’ll post this baby every time I update and see what happens. Maybe I’ll win awards and write a book called “The Baby That Wasn’t” or something like that. I dream big.

In the realm of the domestic, Wolverine and I are on separate campaigns: he for a new stereo, and me to rid him of his beard. Let me qualify that–his desire for a new stereo sounds completely normal as he is a music junkie, his 40th b-day is coming up, and the stereo we have is kind of bunky, and my desire to rid him of his facial hair sounds completely crazy and controlling, right? Perhaps. It’s only that he is starting to look like El Pitt, without the beads and feathers. I don’t really want it gone completely, just in a more manageable, less long gray hair kind of way. I hold my head up high and admit that I am taking the controlling wifely stereotype to a new place, and this goes against all the fundamental principles of our relationship, and Wolverine would never, ever, ever go on and on (IN PUBLIC, no less) about how there was something about me that he wanted to change. This makes me a bad partner and a stereotype,  and I really only am teasing him. Sort of, but I mean it.  He is named Wolverine for a reason.  I also admit that this is my problem, and really he can shave or not shave. However, Exhibit A:

Beardy Brad

I’d never thought I’d say this, but I don’t want Wolverine looking like Pitt. Wolverine and Pitt are both really cute! Why hide behind the massive and long beard?? Also, no Mr. Edwards, either. Behold, Exhibit B:

Victor French

And, here is Wolverine in a cute hat, with about a half a day of growth–Exhibit C:

Wolverine, Happy and Beard Free

Which one would you pick??


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