Poor Kitty Meow Meow

Poor Kitty Meow Meow, originally uploaded by Steven & Monica.

Let’s face it, this blog is mostly about The Kid. At this point anyway. Last night, The Kid made a game whereby he drew a picture and he showed it to me for 5 seconds and I had to remember everything on the page. It was a competition between me and his stuffed animals. Easy, right. Me, human with brain, against stuffing. Not so fast! Apparently, Bunny (aka Carrot Top) knew that The Kid’s character on the page was Birthday Cake Head Guy and not a robot with a singular antenna. I also failed to recognize his rendition of a soccer ball, therefore disqualifying me. The Kid is tough! Here’s a picture of Baby The Kid, not looking so tough, loving up Kitty Meow Meow.


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