Wolverine’s Minnesota X-Files

Wolverine has something to share today.  1) He doesn’t want this blog to get too serious, and therefore needs some levity, which makes me wonder if he actually reads it. And, 2) he wants you to share his love of the freaky.

As for the X-Files reference,  he is totally Mulder to my Scully (in the early years, cuz at the end it was just weird, and The Kid is not the product of me being abducted by aliens, I can assure you) . I am a supreme skeptic and don’t go for any sorts of woo, and he is curiously and thoroughly attracted to the sideshow– exploring unexplained mysteries, cold cases, eccentric paranormal claims, weird stuff, freaky animals, non PC-related points of view, crypto-zoology, circus performers, and Daniel Johnston, to name a few. Wolverine is nothing, if not interesting. Also, he is a painfully slow typer, which is why I am writing this little preface up on his behalf. In any case, and without further ado, Wolverine presents his first installment of Wolverine’s Minnesota X-Files, soundtrack provided by Minnesota Band, Hüsker Dü–Books About UFOs

The Minnesota Ice Man (and Big Foot thrown in just for fun!)

And, last but not least, The Kensington Rune Stone


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