The Kid Cooks!

The Kid and His Spaghetti Taco

The Kid loves to cook, but sometimes doesn’t love to be told to be careful, or let one of his parents deal with the boiling water or the sizzling oil. But, what he lacks in patience, he makes up for in inventiveness. The Kid, when asked what he would choose for dinner one night, suggested “spaghetti tacos,” therefore combining his two favorite foods. Parents of first graders will recognize a universal behavior –and that is they remember everything you say, and they’re little obsessives and won’t let something go. So goes it with The Kid. He  mentioned it and I said OK we’ll have that “sometime,” then he wanted to know when we’re making it, every day for the next week. It is a form of torture. Make no mistake.

I am all for The Kid being into healthy food and coming up with a dinner idea that doesn’t include begging for McD’s . Except, well, noodles in a taco shell… Luckily, Little Junkie suggested that we improvise and use French Bread as ye olde shell…which, of course, right??!  That Little Junkie is on top of her dinner inventions. The Kid piled his noodles into his bread, and voila: Spaghetti Taco. Check out his supreme happiness and spaghetti face above. According to The Kid, his parents were also required to eat their spaghetti this way. More tyranny! He should make an excellent chef.

So far, The Kid is going to two summer camps this summer: Beginning Cooking for Rugrats Grades 1-3, and The Bell Museum’s Creepy Crawlies Camp for budding entomologists.  Those camps are spendy, but the idea of The Kid just sitting around on his bum watching the boob toob when he could be uncovering beetles and making up new dinner combinations, probably involving bacon and peanut butter, is worth it.


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