¿Dondé Esta? ¿Habla Español?

Thanks for being patient with my tendency to wear a new blog look every other week.  I liked the white, and I don’t really know how I feel about the black with white text. It’s kind of hard to read….so, I changed it back to its original: Ocean Mist! Yay for circular change!

So, what’s new? We still don’t have a Health Care bill. I was feeling grumbly about Obama for the last few months because it seems like he’s capitulating to The Dark Side, but I read an article in Utne that knocked some sense into me. I don’t think its online yet, but basically the gist is this: He’s one person, We‘re the Democracy (capital W & D) and we’re the ones who have to work for it; he can lead with his vision, but ultimately, if we want to fix what’s broke, we better get it together and figure out how to be a part of the solution instead of whining about how he let us down. He was handed a big steaming pile of you know what on a plate, which is going to take more than a year turn it into a gourmet meal. Ha! Sorry.  Anyway, I don’t want to be grumbly about him, I want to figure out how to do what it was we were all fired up about in 2008, and that’s make some real change for THE GREATER GOOD. Oh, Super Mon, you dreamer, you. I’m Dumbledore at heart.

What else? The Kid wants to quit Spanish. Hmm. You know, I want The Kid to learn a second language (or more). But, this is one of those tricky parent things that feels like a test that I am about to fail no matter what I do. If I don’t let him quit, will I send a message that he does not get to choose what he likes and doesn’t like? And, won’t he just” forget” that he doesn’t like it and just go and soon be translating for Wolverine and I as we make our way through Mexico and points South? Or, do I  let him quit and permanently infuse the message that quitting is OK on to his developing and easily influenced mind, when I want him to keep trying even if things are hard until he sees results? See what I mean? Fail.  I don’t think he is opposed to learning Spanish as much as he is opposed to being asked to sit still for an hour whilst he learns it, in addition to the rest of his school.

Here’s what I have come up with so far: 1) I paid for him to take Spanish until May, so he should just go until May, and then if he doesn’t want to go anymore, he doesn’t have to, or 2) I let him quit and find a class or get some CDs where we can learn TOGETHER.  I think they both sound like reasonable solutions. He was MAD as a hornet today that he had to go. Am I going to have to fight with him every Tuesday and Thursday, or should I look for a solution that allows us to relax about it? I have to tell you, I am leaning toward “relax.” The Kid is really smart, obviously, but he also seems to be the kind of kid who isn’t going to learn what he doesn’t want to.

Next up in decision-making: Super Mon, Wolverine, and The Kid are planning on a vacation in the summertime–June-ish. Super Mon is not allowed to take vacation in August when everyone else gets to because all the publications I make are due right before the Fall semester begins. Sigh. But, Super Mon and Wolverine both turn a magical age this year and want to take a trip, that won’t break the bank, to celebrate their 40-ishness. Any non-Minnesota suggestions? We were thinking of going to: A) Canada as in Toronto B) California, as in San Francisco and the Sequoias C) Seattle and the Hoh Rainforest or D) New York City, Washington D.C. and other East Coast Cities. The Kid wants California for an opportunity to go to Disneyland. Wolverine wants Canada ( I suspect because he wants to live there) and I could do any of them. We have a free place to stay in NYC. Any recommendations? I have been to all cities listed, except San Francisco, Wolverine has been to Seattle, The Kid has been nowhere.


3 thoughts on “¿Dondé Esta? ¿Habla Español?

  1. Zrose25 says:

    Maybe he would be more interested in learning a language that he picks. I know I always hated being forced into anything that I didnt like. And I had a hard time with Spanish. Maybe he would be into learning German, or Japanese or even sign.

    Just a thought 🙂 Hope it works out.

  2. supermon says:

    The Kid says he’s interested in taking a cooking class together where we can make spaghetti tacos together. He says it will be YUMMY!

  3. Junkie1 says:

    Have him finish it out…maybe he’ll be more drawn to German or Icelandic or something more random? Iceland vacations are supposed to rock.

    P.S. Check out Cook’s in St. Paul to see if they do parent/kid classes. I want to take a grown up class there…

    P.P.S. I’d do Toronto, too! Road trip!

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