Two Guys and Their Hats

Two Guys and Their Hats, originally uploaded by Steven & Monica.

You can’t exactly tell by this photo, but Wolverine has gone bald! Not naturally! He shaved it all off. It’s true! His hair grows at such a rapid rate and there is so much of it, that he decided it called for drastic measures! However, it’s January, and now his head is cold. He has been wearing his hat inside a lot, which The Kid finds funny and annoying and keeps asking him to take it off. The Kid asked Wolverine to show his baldness off to his class, and has now taken to wearing a hat inside like his dad. The Kid has been Wolverine’s mini-me since day one so I wasn’t really surprised that he wants to emulate him. However, he does not wish to shave all his hair off, so I guess the buck stops there.


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