Love Lives in Your Heart! Peace to Haiti!

Love Lives in Your Heart, originally uploaded by Steven & Monica.

I can’t say how much I feel for the people of Haiti! I don’t have a lot of money right now, but I donated a very small bit of what I do have towards relief. I hope if you can give, you do so. I read some very negative responses today toward helping Haitians versus helping poor Americans, and also doubt about where my relief dollars are really going, and of course Pat Robertson’s ridiculous and insane comments on how the slave revolts of 200 years ago were a pact with the devil. And, I just have to say, REALLY? Giving a little money, or sending clothes and food to a country that has basically collapsed and is expecting thousands to be dead is not going to harm our country. Who knows the benefits it will have. People may be inspired to give more. And, I donated my dollars to an extremely reputable organization and this money is going to earthquake relief, whether it’s to buy food, pay for clean water, provide a sandwich for a volunteer is not up to me. It’s up to the discretion of the organization. And, Pat Robertson? Well, he’s clearly suffering from dementia, or something that makes him rant and ramble senselessly. Whatever it is, it isn’t helping!

Peace to Haiti!

Here are many links where you can read more and help!

Democracy Now!


World Vision

Mercy Corps

Doctors Without Borders

How you can help: Huffington Post

American Red Cross

Yele Haiti Earthquake Relief


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