The Force is Not With Him

So, Santa brought The Kid some underwear for the holidays and I think you can tell that he is less than thrilled. Santa did not bring The Giant Box of Star Wars Legos The Kid was hoping to get, either.

The Kid is obsessed with Star Wars Legos. It’s weeks after Santa and family and presents and food, and The Kid will not stop talking about how he didn’t get his beloved Star Wars Legos. Sigh.

No amount of explaining about how we have way more than we need, and some kids don’t even have toys (which by the way, he doesn’t believe). and that we need to play with what we have and be grateful with what we have, and Santa brought a lot, etc., etc. has convinced him to let go of his lament. In fact, when I reminded him, just today, that Santa brought him lots of stuff to enjoy and play with, he said in disgust, “Mooom, Santa brought me underwear.” Santa’s little practical joke has a long life, I see.

Before you side with The Kid on this one, let me just tell you that The Kid HAS Legos. Even Star Wars Legos. Not the huge sets for one million dollars, but some of the smaller ones, and here’s what happens: THEY FALL APART AND THE PIECES GET LOST AND I END UP BEING THE ONLY PERSON WHO ASSEMBLES THEM!!! AND THEY ARE EXPENSIVE AND DISPOSABLE AND THEY REALLY. REALLY HURT WHEN YOU STEP ON THEM!!!!!! OK, phew. Done yelling. Glad I got that off my chest. The Kid does not care about my reasons, either.

Also, Star Wars is a multi-trillion dollar industry. There are plenty of no -need -to -assemble toys out here. And, the Kid, who LOVES Star Wars with all his heart, has some of those too. For whatever reason, those aren’t what he wants. It’s Legos. I even told him that a Jedi has to have clean underwear, and then he said, “I’m just a kid, Mom, I’m not a Jedi.”


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