Big Fish, Little Fish

Pieter van der Heyden, Big Fish Eat Little Fish

I got this image from the British Museum‘s website.

There is no end to drama where I work. It’s kind of intolerable at this point, but I don’t write about work drama anymore as several people I know have  been FIRED, or, at the least,  had to stop blogging. Let’s just say, it’s a little overwhelming, and I am not even part of it.  Is it the weather? The horrible, terrible, no good very bad weather!??! I say it is. Because if you blame it on the weather, you don’t have to wonder why people are acting so EFFING CRAZEEE! You can attribute it to cabin fever, the full/blue moon on the New Year, the lack of sunlight, the lack of warmth.

I changed the look again of Super Mon & Wolverine. I realize you can tell this, because YOU ARE LOOKING AT IT RIGHT NOW!!!  I liked the design I had yesterday, except it didn’t allow for a blogroll. And, since it took hours, days, and weeks to get the blog roll rolling, I am not ready to give it up just so I can have matching backgrounds to the photo I am publishing, or whatever. Also,that design only  lets you publish one photo at a time, so that’s not going to work for me. The “Ocean Mist” design that Super Mon & Wolverine started out with was making me a little depresso, as I am deep into my version, which occurs annually in January, of  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You have probably guessed that by now as my last few posts have been anti-winter oriented! Sorry, if I am a downer. I’m blaming it on the weather.


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