Behold, The Marigold!

Marigold, originally uploaded by Steven & Monica.

Take heart! Oh, frozen readers. This winter thing is BAD. It’s more than cold; it’s CRUEL!!! There are chunks of ice as big as small cars on the curbs, everything is frozen and harsh, columns of steam rise like a a ghostly specters above the city, small children are forced into snowpants…

This is a photo that Wolverine took of a wee marigold in our backyard. Remember how they smell? Remember how sweet they are and how long they bloom into fall? Well, it will happen again! I know it. We won’t be locked in the tundra forever. We will not have to sleep in our long johns with wool socks forever. The Kid’s hair will de-static, and his glasses will stop fogging up. Eventually. I promise.


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