2010: Bring It!

Happy New Decade, all y’all. I know lots of other bloggers and facebookers have been writing down all their hopes and dreams for the new decade, or year, or week, or for tomorrow. I have not written my goals and resolutions down because I am currently irresolute. But, more importantly, I have been entertaining friends, cooking, eating and drinking a lot, and making collages with The Kid  and his daddy (naturally, Wolverine’s collages are masterpieces, and mine are on 3rd grade level or so). I am used to being out-shined in the art department around here. And, The Kid is also working on his “Major Artist” cred. He told me that he wants to be an artist when he grows up like his dad, and when I pointed out that he already is an artist, he said, “NO, a FAMOUS artist! Geesh, Mom.” In addition to being corrected a lot by a seven year old I have also been taking naps this last week while I am on vacation. Naps are so underrated.

Since I am irresolute, I am not going to make up some resolutions on the fly for filler or something. I typically don’t have resolutions at the beginning of the new year because I feel like that might be setting myself up to fail or something. And, Super Mon doesn’t like to fail. No. Siree. I do want to be more compassionate or conscientious with The Kid whenever possible. I do want to see more grown-up movies (not the xxx kind, pervs! Just not so many G-rateds), and I do want to do the “regular” kinds of resolutions to  get more exercise, read more, write more, save money, eat better, and whatnot, but writing all that here doesn’t really feel original.  Here is a little photographic retrospective — Supermon & Wolverine: 2009 Edition!

The Kid Rings in 2009!

Wolverine's hair has a life of it's own

Super Mon Goes For the Pho

Kenobi Gives Some Lip

Morgan finds the golden egg

May Day 2009

The Kid at The Fireworks at Powderhorn Park

A Hawk Lands In The Back Yard

The massive crowd at the MN State Fair

Autumn in the hood

Happy Halloween!

Sunrise in our backyard

The Kid licks the spoon from his birthday cake. The dog wants in.

The Kid and Me

Wolverine's latest sculpture: "Oscar Madison's Chinese Take Out"

The Kid at the tree

Happy New Year from Super Mon & Wolverine


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