Who’s Your Daddy?

Last night The Kid was putting his pajamas on by kind of rolling into/onto them a nd jabbing his legs willy nilly into them without much success of actually putting them on, when I said one of those motherly type things like, “You’re doing that the hardest way possible.” And, he turns and looks at me and says, “you mean how I’m doing it is harder than if I had been shot out of a cannon, aimed toward the moon, with 2 monkeys climbing on me?” To which I replied by dissolving into heaving, sobbing, gut-clenching, lung-racking laughter. The Kid cracks me up! And, he has the exact same sense of humor as his dad. aka Wolverine.

Although, I hate the term “Mommy Blogger” I suppose I am one. God! I really dislike it when people who are not my children call me Mom or Mommy for any sort of reason. It happens at The Kid’s school a lot, and in the Doctor’s office,and anywhere we are interacting with adults who have a relationship with The Kid but not with me. I suppose it’s because I am the primary taker of the child to the whatever the activity is and people can’t be bothered to look at his chart or whatever and learn my name–I am also the primary picker upper of The Kid from school too. His after school achievers teacher ALWAYS addresses me as “Mommy.” “Hi Mommy!” She’s about 23 . She is very bright and interesting, but I kind of want to stomp my foot and yell, “STOP CALLING ME MOMMY!I’M NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR MOMMY!!!!!!!”

Wolverine is the primary bringer of The Kid to school,  and natutally, he is not bothered by being called “Daddy.”

Wolverine is a minor celebrity at The Kid’s school. The kids at his school always say, “Hi Corbin’s Mom! Where’s Corbin’s Dad?” “Corbin’s Mom, Corbin’s dad is FUNNY!” “Corbin’s Mom!!! Corbin’s dad has a BEARD” giggle, giggle. “Corbin’s Mom, did you DYE your hair?” “Corbin’s Mom! Corbin’s Dad came with us to the apple orchard!!!!”

The Kid tells me the other day, “My dad’s famous at my school–everyone talks about how great my dad is and how he’s a great artist, and he’s funny too! How do they know he’s funny, Mom? They don’t know him.”


4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. gotta love that kiddo…and yes you will forever be AKA Corbin’s mom…you have no other identity in the sea of PTA cookie bliss!!! but of course that is not true for the cute and funny dad’s…how is that so not fair???

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