You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!

Ralphie in his Bunny Suit

Kara inspired me to make it snow on here. Doesn’t it make you want to go back home and lie down with a book? I think that’s a normal reaction.  The Kid was bundled up for snowy adventures this morning. He looked like Randy from A Christmas Story. I love that movie so much! That movie is one of my favorite Holiday traditions. That, and the Muppet Christmas Carol.  And, everyone knows how I am about Muppets. I know. I’m 12. I don’t care.  I love to get the popcorn and say all the lines. “Randy, show Mommy how a piggy eats.” It’s perfect in every way. A post-modern look at the American family over the holidays if ever there was one. The dad swearing and cussing out the furnace, that’s my dad.

Wolverine and I were talking about holiday traditions and what we want to do, and what we don’t want to do, and how we’re always caught in between doing what we want and what our family expects of us. And, the driving, and the cooking, and the flurry of activity. What we want is to feast and feast and go to parties with everyone, but also have some time just together. So we can chill out.  Wolverine and I are big fans of chilling out. Plus, there is some shopping to be done and very little time in which to do it. Since The Kid had to go and get born in December we have to shift gears rapidly. BTW, we gave him A MUSEUM for his birthday. Which included an ant farm, which he LOVES,  Egyptian coloring books, the Night at the Museum Movie, art supplies, and a whole lotta of little stuff like you would find in a museum. And, he was THRILLED. But, now I have a feeling we’re going to have to get creative every time. Plus, in the museum box, we included some stuff he already had because it was related to MUSEUM. He was like “Hey! That’s MINE ALREADY-THAT’s NOT NEW” but then after Wolverine deftly explained that stuff in museums isn’t always new either, he was back to loving it totally!

I was trying to encourage everyone in Wolverine’s family to recycle or make homemade gifts this year. We’re in a recession and Super Mon is poor. My MIL just stared into the stony silence of the middle distance at that suggestion, which is what she does if you (I) say something she doesn’t like. So I guess not. Well, I hope no one is expecting an iphone out of me because it ain’t going to happen.

The Kids love going to Wisconsin to see my family, so we’re going to have to do that. The dog loves going to Wisconsin too. So, going to Wisconsin is a done deal.  The last time we were there, the dog didn’t want to leave. He sneaked back in when I was looking for my gloves and wouldn’t come when I called him. The dog wants to move in with my parents! I am a little hurt. This was another opportunity for my father to tell me this was proof that we need to move back there. Huh. Interesting. Should we move because the dog wants us to? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!

  1. i love this post!!! we just watched ralphie during our sick days and now we are going to watch it before bed!!! i haven’t seen the muppet one…it is a must…corey and i used to LOVE watching them…i liked them but my lil’ bro loved the muppets!!! we did the DIY xmas two years ago…it was excellent…am wishing we did it this year…

  2. You have to watch a Muppet Christmas Carol, it’s the best! My old blog was Mme Piggy’s Kermit Love and Food Devotions, and I have a mini Miss Piggy fetish/collection. It started in 2nd grade with my Miss Piggy lunch box and has continued from there! Can’t wait to meet those kiddos! I love the cat masks!

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