Friendly Friday! Get Your Hat, Gertie!

Hello friends, and friends of friends, and facebook friends, who I have never even met.

Today is Friendly Friday. A day in which Super Mon, and Wolverine by extension, talk about all their awesome friends who are blogging and whatnot. In other words: Blog-Around, Friend Edition–PART 1

First things, first! TWO NEW BLOGS:

Kara Ann has gone and started a brand new blog: Pink Glasses Orange Sweater Blog. PGOS has A LOT of pages and stuff going on, so take sometime and check it out, especially the photos of Kara Ann’s adorable children, Maiya and Dillon. They’re right up there with The Kid in general adorableness. Also featured is Billy’s Blog. Kara Ann’s erstwhile lover/painter/writer/educator/singer/chef, Billy, aka Earley, aka Earl, aka William, is writing all kinds of stuff like poems and whatnot. YAY! I am always so excited with new blogs with pictures to read.

Screw You, Cookie is a look at the social and emotional implications of the Fortune Cookie. It is HYSTERICAL. Especially, the vagina cookie. Check it out.

Next up: Little Junkies, your pop culture one-stop shop has Wednesday Haikus, and currently a love blog to Empire mag’s 20th Anniversary edition. Little Junkies has the best design, and I have tried, TRIED, unsuccessfully to get LJ to design a header for Super Mon & Wolverine. Perhaps this blatant plea will come up with the desired results.

Then, Science Blogger, new dad of baby Huxley, my former adviser, and the bloggiest liberal, scientist-y, smarty pants blogger I know, Greg Laden, has announced that Science Blogs has now partnered with National Geographic. Greg will now commence his uber blogging while making a documentary for NatGeo with his baby in a sling, discovering before unknown methods of hunter-gatherers, or something. Well, not really, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

One of my personal favorites, Almost Diamonds, written by Stephanie Zvan. Stephanie is a bastion of logic, liberalism, and sometimes a video by The Cows!!! Currently A.D. has a couple of videos up about the BRILLIANT British comedy, Coupling.

Greg and Stephanie and their good friend Mike also have another blog together called Quiche Moraine. Quiche Moraine is very magazine-style blogging. And, we like them because they have published articles by (ahem) ME, and others. Submit an article that fits with their scope and they might publish you too. My articles were about Mother’s Day and Harriet the Spy if that gives you any indication of  “their scope.” Lots and lots of interesting stuff on there.

Finally, my personal labor of love Books 4 Hotties. It started out to be the blog of our Book Club, Books Club For Hotties, but is ever evolving just like our little club. We’re lovers of books, and we’re hot. Come and join us if you want to talk about awesome books and eat really awesome food and hang out with really awesome people once a month. Even if you can join us in blog land, we like to hear what you have to say about books.

This concludes Part 1.


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