Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!

Jim Dine's Heart at the Museum of Metropolitan of Art

I have several friends who are going through some personal shit storms right now. These friends are totally unrelated in any way, except that they are friends of mine, and I have much love for them.  Some, I’ve known for all my life, and others I’ve recently connected with, and yet others I have recently re-connected with… you get the picture. Health, kids, relationships, work, money–none of it is easy, and some of it is impossible to figure out, and some of it reminds us that life is so short and definitely impermanent, and some of it is just so weird.

In any case, I am not a font of wisdom, and I have no sage advice. I can only say that you are  important to me, and that I have lots of love for you, and I hope the weather clears for you soon. (Sorry for the cheesy metaphors, I did study poetry for 20 + years).

You are not alone.

Wolverine and I, we know what it’s like, first hand, to have the ground sucked away from below your feet. But, this isn’t about us. It’s about you.

And, as a reminder: you are not alone.

Is a blog a weird place to make that declaration? I have done it in person, when I can. On the phone, on facebook, in email, and now blarg.

My heart hurts for you and what you’re going through. And, part of the reason I am saying that here, is that in all cases, I can’t do anything to actually help. Which really sucks! But I can write to you. I can use this odd format to make it known that I give a shit, and if you need a mixed cd, or a card from The Kid, or a blog posting dedicated to you, I’m your girl.

I will be posting some rock n roll later, which usually helps in all situations, but I need to consult my partner in crime, Monsieur Wolverine, so stay tuned.


Super Mon


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