Wolverine Hunts & Gathers

Posted by Wolverine:

Any good collection takes time, patience, and passion. I have always been a collector of one thing or another. As a kid, I collected keys. When people found out about my habit they gave me some more to add to the pile. It seemed like everyone had keys that belonged to no door, or no lock. Next came foreign coins,old coins, and weird coins. I ended up giving all of those collections to my nephew. I remember it being an epiphany to learn that people collected things in a serious way–rare coins, 1st editions of books, etc. A friend from Cub scouts, Andy, collected stamps with his dad.. I was a lone amateur, Eager in knowing the ways of the avid collector. My nerd status was forming. They had cabinets filled with their collected stuff. Cabinets that locked, and magnifying glasses to look at their stamps.

My first collection was insects. I put them in jars, fed them grass, gave them sticks to climb on. The Boy and I do this now. We have 4 or 5 jars on our bookshelf waiting for spiders and beetles to call them home.

I didn’t become a serious collector until the fifth or sixth grade when I was introduced to the world of comic books. I couldn’t believe it! I began drawing my own comics, and then I would buy them at the grocery store. I had no idea that there were whole stores devoted to comics. When I got a little older and could meander about downtown I found this amazing comic book store that had displays of 50s era comics monsters. There weren’t any kids in that shop. Just me and some old guys looking at comics. I started learning about comics and began collecting them in earnest as a teen. It wasn’t exactly “cool” to collect comics in the 80s. It was hard to enjoy a collection without having to share it as I have 3 brothers, 2 younger ones who were always in my shit. My older brother would keep his treasures in a locked cabinet because our younger two brothers were always trying to get our stuff.

I eventually moved on to records. My aunt gave me Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the first, ever album I bought was Weird Al Yankovich. I collected tapes and cds too. But, I came back to vinyl as an adult, before it was cool to have records again. I started to become obsessed with finding vinyl at garage sales, small record stores (the employees always keep the good ones), and people’s attics. I’m not a finicky collector either, but there are certain things I like. I just hid Harry Belafonte’s Christmas in a strategic location so I can go back with some cash next week. I do tend to want the more obscure titles, and I like the hunt, but sometimes it takes a long time to get the right pressing.


5 thoughts on “Wolverine Hunts & Gathers

  1. supermon says:

    My first 2 albums (bought at once with my birthday money) were MJ’s Thriller and Rick Springfield’s Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet.

  2. Wolverine says:

    What are those records you were tantalizing me with? Remember to keep them safe for your virtual friend (soon to meet in person) Wolverine.

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