Wolverine Becomes a Fixture


Well, I just up and changed this here blarg name to Super Mon & Wolverine. I think it has a better ring than Super Mon & Steve. Because that sounds like Steve is my sidekick versus his own unique, super hero. I am aware that the name Wolverine exists in other forms in the super hero universe, but when my Wolverine is sporting the beard and the long hair as he is wont to do in winter, he does  look quite Wolverine-ish, don’t you think?

Poor Wolverine. I just go and do all kinds of stuff without telling him about it. It’s not that I am trying to be a disrespectful partner to my one and only hairy love, but I get really excited about an idea, and then I just kind of take off with it. Like the book club for hotties. I mentioned that I wanted to start a book club. He was all for it, and I was like “Great! 20 people are coming over Saturday. Can you clean the basement?” This is what I’m talking about. Wolverine needs to plan things out, and I like to drop bombs. We might need to think about strategizing so we stay married. In any case, I also  like giving people names other than the ones their mom’s gave them. Just ask, I’ll come up with a new name for you too.

Wolverine did give me his seal of approval to change his name, BTW. I checked afterward. He is used to me by now, I guess, because he thinks it’s kind of funny that I go and change his name every 5 minutes. Hey! He used to be Kermit in my other blog world, which is so fitting, in it’s own way. But that was then, and this is now. We changed blogs and moved away from Mme Piggy and her green lover. Now, we’re more of the dynamic duo working together, instead of the pig chasing the frog. We’re in league with each other.  We go together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Me and Wolverine.


5 thoughts on “Wolverine Becomes a Fixture

  1. jenny mcnamara-robinson says:

    There are so many forks in the road of your latest blog. For example, did you take the picture of your wolverine in your backyard?

    I believe that Wolverine is TOO super-hero-ish. Even though the hariy cute part may be true, would he truely attack your face like a flying bat? I would certainly hope not.

    I think you should go with something a little more like–Fluffy McBeaver. Fluffy, because he may be a little hair, but his hair is much softer than a wolverine (I’m assuming) and McBeaver because…..well, honestly, I’m Irish–I think everyone should have a “Mc” or an “O'”—and Beaver due to the fact that he is always a busy little beaver for you! See– Fluffy McBeaver —
    (I also enjoy making up names).

    My dear, Robbie T, and I do not go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. We would be more of a french fries and mayo type. I would be the mayo, of course–much more rich and tasty. He would be the french fries….hey, it works for us.
    that’s all I have to say right now.

    • supermon says:

      Thanks for the input McRob. Is your hubby’s name Robbie T. Robinson? Anyway, I already changed the name to Super Mon and Wolverine, and everyone approves except for you and the fool, because the fool couldn’t find it and you’re just trying to start trouble, I can tell. How would Super Mon & Fluffy McBeaver sound? I mean, get serious!!

      Although, all the fool would have to do is put the URL in as that hasn’t changed, and/or access the blarg through the facebook networked blogs. Anyway, Wolverine himself approves this name change, so we’re sticking with it. And, fries and mayo are SO good together.

  2. Junkie1 says:

    I think it’s only appropriate to turn him into Wolverine. That said, even though I’ve never met Steve, I doubt he has Berserker Rage!

  3. jenny mcnamara-robinson says:

    oh, I think Mon and Fluffy McBeaver sound amazing together. You can’t prove I’m trying to start trouble. I’m just sayin’.

    Yes, my husbands name is Robbie Thomas Robinson. NO, not Robert, that’s his other brother’s name. NO I am not kidding. Trust me, I have had more big laughs over this. On his birth certificate it says ROBBIE. Every time we fill out important paperwork, we have to explain this. Why his parents would have done this to him, is beyond me. Robbie McRobinson.

    Fool, I’m kinda with you…I get all confused and think that Mon has a secret blog…..We must stay on top of things! soon we will have different names also….

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