Wild Thing

Where the Wild Things AreI have been putting a lot of effort into my OTHER blogging endeavor of late in addition to recovering from the flu. Because we are trying to pick a book and we are hopelessly tied.

I am almost fully recovered from the pig fever. Except the lingering cough, but (hey!) you can’t have everything, right? I am enjoying the other blog as well and I am grateful for all the kind words of the “get well” (and stop whining about it) variety I have been getting there and on facebook. I do not do getting sick, with a fever and severe body aches, well. You should never doubt that my husband-o, Steve, deserves A LOT of awards for mate of the year! He even put socks on my feet. It’s true!

That said, thanks again for being so sweet, and I am sorry, but I am not quite ready to start a wild rumpus yet. But last night I did stay up until TEN!


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