The Plague Hath Cometh

Piglet Flu

Image from Design Fetish. H/T Andria!

Have you ever noticed that when you have even the slightest cough people don’t want you around? Especially this year. This year sneezing and coughing in the proximity of others may result in a citizens arrest of you. I know this because I am currently sick with some flu-like symptoms. It started with a heavy in the chest feeling that resulted in a few coughs (enough to change my voice) on Friday that quickly mutated into aches and coughing, pounding head, and a fever on Saturday. Now, I am a hearty sort. Although I have had pneumonia more than once, with a few exceptions, my immune system works over time and usually, eventually wins. This bug is no exception. I had a fever for 2 days, including a dream in which all these decorative owls came to life. They were sparkly and silver and blue, like you would see at Patina. Anyway, I felt like crap, and it lingers a bit, especially in my lungs/ribs area, but I can tell I am improving. No more fever, my body is tired, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been run over by a large truck anymore. My office mates, however, would like me to stay away. All week. Steve was going to go to his brothers to work on an art project, but his brother doesn’t want him around in case he has THE DISEASE. I had to miss trick or treating with The Kid due to my fevered state.

I finished reading Sarah Vowell’s The Wordy Shipmates while I was sick. The Puritans were bat-shit crazy, baby killers who believed it was their divine right to commit genocide against the Pequot Indians and burn women who tried to read at the stake and then had the temerity to say it was god’s will…

When I wasn’t sleeping, I watched 5 episodes of Glee, in a row which was AWESOME. Sadly, we had to cancel the much anticipated Book Club meeting at Hell’s Kitchen due to the infestation. I did not want to spread the plague to my friends and fellow readers. That said, I don’t really want to be treated like a pariah (ahem, work people), either– like Puritans Anne Hutchinson or Roger Williams who were both banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, both fanatically religious, really smart, and totally crazy. They both ended up in what is now Rhode Island with Williams founding Providence and Hutchinson and crew founding Portsmouth. I have been banished to my house with cable, hot water, and high speed internet. Unlike Williams who was forced out over land in JANUARY from Boston to Narragansett Bay, I am not exiled, but under house arrest in the relative comfort of my South Minneapolis home until my fever has stayed away for over 24 hours.

I mentioned that 24 hour thing to my boss and she said, “there’s no need to drag yourself in here if you can work from home.” I coughed (not fakely) for added affect. I am really sick, and I don’t mind working from home, but if it’s because you think by keeping me away you won’t get THE GERM, you’re probably wrong.


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