Neurotic? Ok!

Sweet, cute little baby piggie

Sweet, cute little baby piggie

Hello friends,

First–Some business: I promise that Steve-O will, at some point, add some things to this bloggie, but he is REAL busy taking classes in sculpture and drawing and cultural studies. He has a lot of stories to share and he says he is going to try to write one of them down this weekend in between that wedding we have to attend, his essay he has to write, and whatever other shenanigans we run into. BTW, with Steve in class ALL THE TIME, and me at work ALL THE TIME, our house looks like the home of that little fellow in the picture up there, with a lot of dog hair lurking under the table.

Second– I had a sickness this week in which I had to leave work in a hurry in hopes I wouldn’t lose my breakfast all over my desk. I didn’t. But, I felt like H.E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS for 2 days. It also wasn’t the H1N1. I did have aches, but no fever, and no other symptoms beyond intestinal distress. And, I am seemingly better. Mostly I watched TV, catching up on Anthony Bourdain and sleeping.

Third–Work has reached a new level of intensity. I am so busy my head is spinning. You should all go “Aw, Mon” right about now. I ate a Ciao Bella gelato -Malted Milk ball last night, and it did help, but every day is a new treasure of more stuff I should have done YESTERDAY.

Fourth–We’re off to Wisconsin for the wedding in which I agreed to be the videographer this weekend. This is giving me anxiety for several reasons: a) I thought I ordered a dress online, and then it didn’t come, and it didn’t come, and I went to check, and apparently I didn’t hit send, because there is no record of the order.  So, I have no dress and have not had time to shop,  2) I have a ton of food in my fridge because I was sick, and Steve has been gone there hasn’t been much cooking going on, and now, we are leaving for two days, and my spinach is going to go bad if it doesn’t get eaten, and 3) I am responsible for the lasting memories of someone else. Hmm. How. did. this. happen?


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