Confessions: Aunties, Weddings, Solstice & Shoes

Oh, this is good. I have gone and done it now. Do you want to read the list of all the ways in which I have compromised myself this week? (Oh, don’t be dirty– it’s not like that) Also note– it’s only Monday:

1) Aunties. Some of my aunites are now on facebook. And, we have become facebook friends. I was feeling kind of nervous about the fact that some of my younger cousins, nieces, and nephews, and their multitudes of drinking images (cough cough, Nick) are also my facebook friends. There are some things an (not by much) older and wiser cousin/auntie should not see.  But,  now their parents are getting in the mix. I have an enormous extended family on my dad’s side of things. They aren’t all on FB (which is good, but they would triple my friends if they were), and so far I haven’t seen one of my uncles, but the number of aunties seems to be growing.  Now, the separation between facebook and family seems to have ended.  If you’re reading this, and you are related to me, I’m just telling you right now that I am the bleeding heart liberal, kooky one who lives in the CITY (boo, hiss). And,  that I am ok with the fact that you might not be like me. Actually, I really want you all to go left, and go green, and vote gay, but mostly, I’m ok that you might not get it yet. But, hurry up because:  Health Care for Everyone, and Gay Marriage too! It’s not my politics that I am worried that you know about, anyway, it’s more…. I don’t know, a habit of writing my whole life for the rest of the world to see, that I have kept on the d.l. from my family all these years. But, now, I am ready to let you in. Slowly. It’s like I’ve been a fugitive from Wisconsin all this time!  Family: I’m here! Case in point: my mother (who, incidentally,  is not on facebook) calls me to tell me she heard from my grandma (who is also NOT on facebook) who heard from my auntie that I went to the North Shore over Labor Day weekend. I guess the jig is up. I went to Duluth.

2) The second bit of not-so-troubling news is that I agreed to be the videographer for my niece’s wedding next weekend. Er. It’ll be ok. Right?  I am actually fairly tech-savvy. But, you should now, the extent of my experience in videoing is filming The Kid’s concert, and filming some very frenetic unwrapping of gifts that were under the tree  with a dog sitting on my lap and a lot of screeching.

3) We decided to put the Kaboosh on Christmas presents. Not entirely. We’re not Scrooge. But, I just found one huge tub of still- in- their- packages- toys and whatnot from last year, that the kids never got to. They really could own the toystore. Whatever Santa does is up to him, but it will done be in a more subdued less insane way (see above).

4) The 4th bit of trouble is that I needed to replace my workout shoes, because my 10 year old New Balance sneaks are done. They hurt. So, I bought these:

Pretty, PrettyAren’t they so pretty? They are pink. And red. Together.


5 thoughts on “Confessions: Aunties, Weddings, Solstice & Shoes

  1. supermon says:

    Actually, it’s kind of sad as the husband-o has class three nights a week so I am on full-time mom duty, and we are away this weekend.

    We could do lunch? Lunch would lack the beer component, but it would still be lovely to see you. Provided you’re feeling up to it.

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