The North Country: Part I

When things work out are you as surprised as I am? I mean sometimes I am generally surprised that I get paid every two weeks, that the car hasn’t broke down, or that someone hears my call for a weekend get away that not only involves shelter but fine company and fantastic home-cooked meals. As it turns out, the lovely Suzanne was reading my whining last week about wanting to come North and do some hiking and visit the Big Lake and generously invited me and my crew to stay with her in her lovely home in the North Woods that she shares with her husband and their kiddos. I mean, YAY!!!!! And YUMMO!!!!

Sue is a person I reconnected with on Facebook. We went to school together, and we were in BAND together, and we had a mutual friend together, but we never really hung out together way back when so we don’t have any real shared memories, just mutual recollections that are a bit blurry and soft around the edges about marching in parades and some people we both knew and growing up in a small town. Her parents owned the hardware store. It turns out we’re actually life long friends who have things in common such as a lust for being outside, a love of excellent beer, and some crazy meanderings in the Desert Southwest. It’s been a very long time since I have felt an instant connection that was both easy and obvious in this way, and I am really grateful that A) I noticed it and B) all the stars were in alignment to make this short trip happen! I have tons of pictures. The one here is from a previous trip Steve-O, the Kid and I took. I kind of want to move to Duluth. Steve-O isn’t too sure about any number of things: the cold being the number one reason, and the rednecks being the number 2 reasons. My argument: rednecks are everywhere, and it’s cold here too.

Duluth Lift Bridge

Duluth Lift Bridge


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