If I Could See Me Now

Me & the Kid

Me & the Kid

We spent the weekend in beautiful Wisconsin. Pictures to come soon. The weather was perfect! The dogs were romping. The cat was hiding. The hummingbirds were humming.  We walked on a nature preserve filled with wildflowers, pussy willows, frogs, turtles, and other flora and fauna. We made huge breakfasts (with bacon– real bacon) and had a lot of coffee with a lot of porch time while the dogs did their thing and I read Julia Child.  It was just  lovely.  And, even though I had planned to go to Keith Ellison’s health care reform rally and take part in the Klobuchar teleconference town hall. I did none of that because I needed a mental break (work was a killer last week)

And, Wisconsin is where that mental break happened! Ha! If my 18 year-old self could only read that statement she would be appalled. When I was 18 a relaxing weekend away did not mean returning to my parents’ home to sit on the porch in pastoral Wisconsin drinking coffee for half the day and then walking around the woods and swamps for the other half. Like most 18 year-olds, I didn’t do sitting still.

Now, I miss it when I’m not there.  But, I do not miss the commute. And, I really love the city. I just always feel like the two sides are supposed to oppose each other. A little city-slicker versus the country bumpkin. In reality, it kind of is the best of both worlds if you’re willing to make the drive.

Iwould have been totally embarrased and rolling my eyes to admit I feel inspired by the landscape, by the birds, butterflies, and snails.

Nostalgic? Maybe. Appreciative? Definitely.

Sick. Is what I would’ve called it at 18.I am  fortunate to not be 18 anymore, but I am always surprised when I find myself reflecting on that time and happy that I didn’t go the way I wanted to at all.

In other news, The Kid really wants his own web page, so I told him he could have a page on this blog. Then he asked if we could have Wolverine as the background. Hmmm. Wolverine. You know, the Marve comic. One of the X-Men. I had to have one of my  little heart-to-hearts with him about the X-Men being called the X “Men” when there were plenty of female mutants with super powers.  He was like, ” Duh, Mom. That’s just what they cal it. Girls kick butt too.” I want to encourage The Kid  to write, so why not keep the blog all in the family? We just might have to watch our liberal use of the “f” word.  In any case, a Warning: we might be seeing some Wolverine and some playmobil pirate videos on here.   know.


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