Super Mon Got Some New Clothes & She Brought Her Husband With Her

Well, this is exciting! I migrated  from blogger over to word press today. No big reason why, except I like the control of formatting and layouts better over here at wordpress. AND, my husband-o, Steve, really, really wants to get back to blogging. So, we decided to collaborate. On a blog!!!!!!! Yay! Us!!! Steve had a blog before called Dirk Diggler PhD but it was hard to maintain it as a full-time student so he stopped.

Unfortunately, this new blog does mean that there is a new link for you to memorize ( and hand out to all your friends. I will have the old link up  for some time, but I am hoping the wordpress site will make everyone happy and want to read some of what we have to say.

I’ve changed blogs twice this year already, so I won’t even bother making promises about how I’m not going to do it again. You won’t believe me anyway. Part of why we’re friends, right?

OK, so on my end of the stick things won’t be changing  much as far as the kind of stuff I write. You know: about how much I love food, and books, and how I am a liberal and a feminist and a mama of some really awesome childrens with an awesome dog!  On Steve’s end, he will be writing on his passions and posting lots and lots of images of his art. I hope you like it.

We want to be like Jane & Michael Stern (except, aren’t they divorced?) or Julia & Paul Child or Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas… well, you get my drift. Anyway, WELCOME. Please bear with us as we navigate around a this new content editor and add pages and stuff. It will be something NEW & EXCITING every day (or there-abouts)…


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