My Buddy

My Buddy


Eyeball Kid!

Eyeball Kid, originally uploaded by Wolverine & Super Mon.

The awesome thing about blogs is that they don’t really die unless you make them die. You can ignore them for months at a time and they’re still there! I find this encouraging because I have become quite lackluster in my attempts to update Super Mon & Wolverine, Books 4 Hotties, Spectacular Spectacular, Survival of The Feminist, and The Dark Cloud of Doom. (Geesh! How many blogs can one person have? ) I’ve made promises I didn’t keep about how I was going to be all updatey from now on when really I make an update and don’t blog again for months!

Anyway, I’m a liar. It’s pretty obvious. But, I’m trying to change, so I’d appreciate your support.

Wolverine says Happy Friday! He’s got his eyes on you!!